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You can use either your own vehicle (private or rented without driver at Agadir) or you can rent a “Land_Rover Local” (what an adventure!) for the day, with a driver.

 If you have your own 4×4, it is possible for me to accompany you for one or more days with my 4×4 in the Fort de Boujérif proximity. Some of the advantages: I know the roads, I have the necessary equipment to help you if needed (straps, plates, shovel…) and traveling with multiple 4×4 is generally safer. 

Most tracks are relatively easy to drive through ; however it is important to inquire with the Fort Bou-Jerif staff before going anywhere since heavy rains can sometimes change the configuration of some tracks, and their respective level of difficulty. The roads are not necessarily the same from one year to the other…

White Beach: driving (when the tide is low, on the wet sand right by the water) for about 25 miles without seeing another vehicle, a soft sand, without anyone in sight besides a few fishermen will be an unforgettable moment! Attention: always slow down and pass behind a fisherman, because of their lines that can be hard to see.

You can go all the way to Tan-Tan, going back up when you get to Aoreora, to get to the Oued Draa. Attention: do not go further than the boat on the beach about 1KM to the South of Aoreora because it is not possible to go much further and you’re guarantied to get stuck in the sand. It is not necessary to deflate your tires unless you’re planning on “playing” in the dunes along the beach and at the entrance of the Oued Aoreora.